We’ll help your student reach their full potential

Our Mission

Our goal is to ease the pressure that accompanies online/distance learning off of families. Students benefit from the in-person, one-on-one attention of a teacher, attention that can be taxing or impossible for parents to provide. That’s where our study buddies step up, working personally with your student to help them complete online work, stay focused, and work through problems in subjects they struggle with.

Why Study Buddies?

Two words: Flexibility and Quality. You have control not only over the frequency, length, and starting times of your appointments, but are also able to pick-and-choose which study buddy you schedule with in order to meet the unique needs of your student. Does your student struggle with algebra? Choose a math whiz! Does your student need someone to practice french with? Nous pouvons vous aider! No matter your student’s needs, we’ve got a buddy that will exceed your expectations.

How much does it cost?

$20/hour and an additional $5/hour for each extra child. Scheduling individual sessions is also an option if you would like different buddies for each student, or would like their session to be completely one-on-one.

How do I schedule appointments?

Proceed to the ‘contact’ page or click the ‘schedule now’ button at the top of the page to schedule an appointment.

We will have the option to schedule sessions online very soon, but at the moment we ask that you schedule sessions with us via email or phone.

How do I choose a buddy? Do I have to pick one?

Our ‘Meet the Buddies’ page houses profiles of all our study buddies. That’s a great place to start when selecting who to schedule your session with. If you require further assistance, send us an email or give us a call and we will help you in any way we can.

Choosing a specific study buddy is not a requirement for scheduling sessions. If you instead have a specific time slot you would like to schedule around, we can give you options from the buddies available at that time or select one for you that we believe would meet your needs.

I have another question!

Great! Thank you for your interest in our service. Feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact’ page, the ‘Schedule Now’ button at the top of the page, or using the information below: